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Campers on Missions (COM) is a national fellowship of Christian campers sponsored by the Adult Volunteer Mobilization Unit of the North American Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention and in turn by the Missions Equipping Center of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. National COM was organized in 1972. There are 28 Chapters (30 states) of which Texas is one chapter. The Texas Chapter was organized in November of 1977. Membership is non-denominational and is open to all Christian believers seeking to serve Christ as campers. There are no membership fees. The Texas chapter now has about 250 family units for a total membership of about 500 individuals. Texas COM is divided into four regions. Region 1 covers the largest area and includes the panhandle and Big Bend areas. Region 2 covers the smallest area and includes north central and northeast Texas. Region 3 is the second largest and covers south Texas and part of central Texas. Region 4 is the third largest and covers part of east Texas and part of central Texas. Most of the COM projects are short term, lasting two weeks or less, and are done at 30 Baptist encampments through the state including one in New Mexico. COM strives to meet the needs of the encampment in every way our time will premit. COM does most everything imaginable: office work; making beds; helping out in the kitchen; mowing grass; painting buildings; modifying and/or renovating buildings; routine maintenance; and the list goes on from there. There are many other volunteer opportunities including: assisting small churches in renovation and modification projects; hosting at national and state campgrounds; assisting at the Seaman's Center (Freeport); sewing quilts for use in Mexico; kitting seaman's caps; and making craft items to be sold in the gift shops at the encampments. It can truly be said that there is something for every willing body regardless of skill or physical ability. COMers comes in all ages, many are retired in their 60's and older, have RVs (not necessarily a requirement), and all are dedicated to serving the Lord.

The Emblem of Campers on Mission embodies basic truths in which we believe and enables COMers to easily identify one another for Christian Fellowship "as we go".The Circle has neither beginning nor ending and is symbolic of God's eternal existence and His bountiful love for all people everywhere.The Compass Star is symbolic of the expanse of God's creation. It reminds COMers that God is always with us and no matter where we go, God is present to guide us in word and deed.The fish is one of the earliest Christian symbols and denotes our faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and personal Savior of all who receive Him.

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